Magnolia - Real Wood 7-in-1 Playset

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Nothing calls your child to play like our Magnolia wood playset. At Avenlur, the Magnolia is our most varied wood playset featuring:

  • monkey bars, 
  • a mini rock-climbing wall, 
  • a wood ladder, 
  • a Swedish slide, 
  • and a swing rope. 

All types of play can be explored with this wooden playground set specifically designed for children ages 2-6. This Avenlur playset is made of natural wood and is a multi-functional tool created as a multi-faceted indoor playground. There is endless fun to be had with the Magnolia 6-in-1 playset.

A Wood Playset for Age-Appropriate Fun and Learning

All of the apparatus selected for the Magnolia has been carefully considered to provide maximum stimulation and encourage various play patterns for your toddlers. Not satisfied with simply a slide and rope ladder, the Magnolia incorporates various apparatuses to keep your toddlers entertained and, most importantly, engaged in active play! 


Using our swing improves a toddler’s balance and builds leg strength and depth perception. The back-and-forth movement of a swing offers a child’s nervous system a variety of stimulation visually and perceptively. They learn how their bodies move in space and the required effort to decrease or increase their speed. 


By comparison, traversing the monkey bars develops a child’s core strength and upper body muscle. Each feature of our small indoor playground offers a multitude of developmental opportunities. The Magnolia can help increase:

  • Muscle Development
  • Coordination
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Spatial Awareness 


Our Montessori indoor playground is based on the Montessori tenet of letting the child lead their own physical movement. The Magnolia encourages independent playing and lets the child approach each apparatus when they’re ready.


A Playground Built From High Quality Materials

Made of the highest quality New Zealand natural pine, our wooden climbing structure is built to last. Unlike other wooden play structures, ours are coated with a BPA-free varnish that protects your children and the environment.

Unlike traditional plastic or metal ones, our wooden playground sets bring more of a feeling of the natural world to your children, indoors or out. This is thanks to the tactile nature of wood.

Safety With Toddler Playsets 

With any indoor climbing structure or outdoor climbing playset, safety is our primary concern when incorporating the ladders, swings, and monkey bars. All of Avenlur’s climbing playground structures are both ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Information Act) tested and certified. They meet and surpass both of these organizations’ rigorous standards for safety. 


When you choose a climbing playground from Avenlur, you know you’re investing in a product made from the best materials, such as New Zealand. This will ensure you give your children a wooden climbing structure with minimum safety hazards. And, whether you choose to have your swing set with a climbing wall installed professionally or do it yourself, you can rest assured that Throughout its construction, Avenlur has chosen the safest hardware options and made secure placement considerations.


Warning - Parents must supervise children while playing. Avenlur recommends

placing a soft rug on the floor underneath the structure to cushion in the event child falls during play.

Be sure to read our Complete Guide to Jungle Gyms to learn how our jungle gyms help your kids' development! 


Item Dimensions
Large Magnolia : (LxWxH): 57.1 x 47.2 x 55.9 inches.
Medium Magnolia : (LxWxH): 47.2 x 42.1 x 47.2 inches.
Suggested Age Range 2-8 Years
Max Weight Per Child 110 lbs
Max Max Total Weight per Set 500 Lb
  • Child's Feet on Rope Ladder of Avenlur's Magnolia Real Wood Playset


    Integrated Rock Climbing Wall, Rope Ladder and Cargo Climbing net for kids.


    Don't forget the fun wood slide to enhance the excitement.

  • Child Playing on Rope Ladder of Avenlur's Magnolia Natural Color Real Wood Playset in Playroom


    Swing from the Rope Ladder, or Wooden Swing. So many ways to play.

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The Magnolia Real Wood Playset will help your child grow their body strength and improve their critical thinking, creativity and social skills.

Let them explore independently and burn off some of that energy! Let them develop the fun way and leave you feeling comfortable about their growth!

  • Large Climber Dimensions

  • Medium Climber Dimensions

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  • Sustainable Materials

    All products are made of sustainable New Zealand Pine with natural-based lacquers, benefiting both your health, and the environment’s.

  • DCA Free

    All plastic components are clear of DCA, a compound that can negatively affect the function of liver and kidneys.

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