Olive- Pikler Triangle Ladder and Climber Slide - Multiple Sizes

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Olive- Pikler Triangle Ladder and Climber Slide - Multiple Sizes

Regular price $149
Regular price $159 Sale price $149
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Avenlur Olive Pikler Triangle, a versatile climbing structure made from durable pine wood. Available in large, medium, and small sizes, it offers endless play possibilities for children. With a flip-over ramp for sliding or climbing, this sturdy triangle supports up to 220lb. Inspire active fun and development with the Avenlur Olive Pikler Triangle!

Benefits Include:

  1. Physical Development: The Pikler Triangle promotes physical development by providing opportunities for climbing, sliding, and balancing. It helps children improve their strength, coordination, balance, and gross motor skills in a safe and engaging manner.

  2. Imaginative Play: The open-ended design of the Pikler Triangle encourages imaginative play. Children can transform it into a fort, a castle, a mountain, or anything else their imagination desires. This type of play promotes creativity, problem-solving, and cognitive development.

  3. Confidence Building: As children explore and conquer challenges on the Pikler Triangle, they develop a sense of accomplishment and build self-confidence. Each successful climb or slide boosts their self-esteem and motivates them to take on new adventures.

  4. Active and Engaging Play: The Pikler Triangle provides an alternative to sedentary activities and screen time. It offers an exciting and physically active play option that keeps children engaged, entertained, and away from passive forms of entertainment.

  5. Versatility and Longevity: The Pikler Triangle is a versatile piece of play equipment that can be enjoyed by children of different ages and abilities. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and its sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity. It can be a valuable investment that grows with your child and can be passed down to younger siblings or friends.


Check out our ultimate guide to pikler triangles to learn more about the history and benefits of pikler triangles for young kids!


Small Size: 28" x 20" x 24"

Medium Size: 27.5" x 31.2" x 22.5"

Large Size: H29.5" x L33.4" x W25.9""

Suggested Age Range 1-6 Years
Max Weight Per Child 110 Lb
Max Total Weight per Set 220 Lb

Assembly & FAQs

Olive Large Manual:

Olive Medium Manual:

  • Slide or Climb

    The olive comes with interchangeable Slide or Climber. Just flip it over

  • Multiple Sizes

    Our Pikler triangle, Slide and Climber come in multiple sizes

  • Easily Foldable

    Easily fold and store your Pikler set for when it is not in use

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The climbing triangle may look like a simple climbing frame, but it's so much more. It allows for natural gross motor development, freedom of movement, and learning one’s own boundaries. Older babies can pull themselves up on it, toddlers can gradually find their way over the top and slide down, and children as old as 5 or 6 can use it to climb, build forts, and for other imaginative play.

  • Large Olive Dimensions

  • Medium Olive Dimensions

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