Building Brains & Bodies Through Play

Activity and mental development go hand-in-hand, especially at pivotal developmental ages. We seek to encourage all toddlers and children to stretch their bodies and get creative with their minds to grow on their own terms.


Montessori inspired.


Child Climbing Avenlur Wood Ladder With No Harmful Plastic Compounds

Good for your home, your child, and our earth

Our collection of playgrounds, gyms, and more will never include body-harming plastic compounds. They are regularly quality checked in production, and certified in safety and composition.

Avenlur products are also built sustainably. We use materials created through sustainable methods, and our lacquers are environmentally friendly. We strive to impact the environment in a positive way, and it is our priority to promote sustainable values.

These things in combination mean you can feel confident about Avenlur’s safety, proud about their sustainability, and enjoy their sleek, seamless look that fits any room in your home.

Shaking Up the Playground

Avenlur Shifts How to Play

The landscape of indoor gyms, playgrounds, and slides is mainly made up of quickly-dented, unsecured plastics only designed to support very young children. These plastics can be brightly colored and distracting in the center of your home, and even worse can contain chemicals that damage your kids’ health after constant exposure

With every generation, parents get more and more attuned to how to protect their children and help them grow. These original play pieces don’t fit the needs of a modern parent, and are out of the question when it’s realized they can negatively impact the health of your home.

Avenlur recognized it was time for an overhaul. No more problematic chemicals, or distracting neon colors, or play places kids grow out of in 6 months. Our thoughtfully designed gyms and playgrounds are sleek, modern, and most importantly certified safe through the ASTM & CPSIA.

When your kids are in their formative years of exploration and growth, they need something that will grow with them. Our slides and gyms accommodate weights and sizes of many children, and will constantly encourage them to get moving and get creative.