Evergreen- Children's Playhouse with Chalkboard Roof

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Evergreen- Children's Playhouse with Chalkboard Roof

Regular price $129
Regular price $199 Sale price $129
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Avenlur’s Evergreen may look like a wooden playhouse to an adult, but it can make potentially limitless play for a child. This toddler playhouse is designed for children ages 1-6, with a playhouse, double chalkboards and a reversible art easel. It’s a schoolhouse, an ice cream stand, a spaceship, or a fort. Not happy to be merely an indoor playhouse, the Evergreen has been known to fly its young users into space or act as a canvas for impromptu art lessons. However your children choose to use the Evergreen, you know their imagination will take flight, and there is no comparable spaceship around.

The Learning is Limitless with our Children’s Playhouse 

Every time your toddler interacts with our children’s playhouse, they engage in imaginative play. Also known as pretend play, when your child actively participates, they pose as someone or something else.  What’s essential is they’re using their imagination and not limiting it with any expectations or rules. The importance of this type of play is often underestimated. Yet it has a tremendous impact on your child’s development. Playing with our indoor playhouse tent helps your toddlers develop socially. They learn to work with others, take turns, and share. Our playhouse equipment also helps with language development. Toddlers learn to use their words to narrate and describe what’s going on. Most noticeably, our wooden playhouse increases creativity which is crucial to your child’s well-being. Participating in role-playing stimulates their imagination and forces your child to hone their problem-solving skills. This is an integral part of their cognitive development.

Warning - Adult supervision is advised while children are playing. Avenlur recommends

placing a soft rug on the floor underneath the structure to cushion in the event child falls during play.

Choice, the Only Option with our Toddler Playhouse

The Evergreen offers several different choices for imaginative play.  Where are you going to set up the toddler playhouse? It can be used both indoors and out. Whether you set it up in your backyard or living room, this outdoor playhouse has a number of features that will engage your toddler. The chalkboard will allow your child to play school. The reversible easel and art table can make believe that your child is an internationally renowned modern painter. Then there’s the house;  add a few floor cushions, and you’ve got a spaceship with beds for the astronauts.

A Backyard Wooden Playhouse that’s Safe in Many Ways   

Our backyard wooden playhouses are constructed using high-quality New Zealand Pine finished using non-toxic lacquers that are healthy for the environment and your children. All of the plastic components on Avenlur’s products are free of DCA, a compound shown to negatively affect our kidneys and liver.

This children’s playhouse meets and surpasses all ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Information Act) standards for safety. The Evergreen wooden outdoor playhouse comes with a 10-year warranty against breakage. 

Check out our Guide to Pretend Play for Kids to learn why pretend play is important to your child's development! 


Item Dimensions
Evergreen: (LxWxH): 35 x 29.5 x 40 inches.
Suggested Age Range 1-8 Years
Max Weight Per Child 110 lb

Shipping Box Dimensions:40x33x5 inches 39 lb

Assembly & FAQs

Evergreen Manual:

  • Easy Storage

    Easily store all your items, chalk dolls etc in the chimney

  • Reversible Rooftop

    The Rooftop can either be solid wood or a chalkboard for your children to bring out their hidden talent for drawing

  • Playhouse

    Adorable little playhouse for your kids to relax, read and be creative.

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    Our Magnolia is an example of the quality, innovative design, and safety that is put into every product which sets us apart from others

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We promise you our products will last, and just to make sure, if any product part breaks or fails during the first 5 years of ownership because of defect in material or workmanship, we will replace it free of charge.

  • Sustainable Materials

    All products are made of sustainable New Zealand Pine with natural-based lacquers, benefiting both your health, and the environment’s.

  • DCA Free

    All plastic components are clear of DCA, a compound that can negatively affect the function of liver and kidneys.

  • ASTM & CPSIA Certified

    Gyms, slides, and playgrounds are rigorously tested to standardize product functionality and certify safety.

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