Neem Swedish Wall Ladder

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Neem Swedish Wall Ladder

Regular price $399
Regular price $449 Sale price $399
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Meet the Avenlur 5-in-1 Neem Swedish Climber Wall Ladder, Your Home's Ultimate Climbing Playground! This beautifully crafted piece from high-quality Neem wood is designed not just as a ladder but as a comprehensive climber set to transform your living space into a vibrant playground and fitness zone. Whether it's for the kids or the entire family, this climber wall ladder brings the excitement and challenge of outdoor climbing right into the comfort of your home.

What's in store? A cargo wall climber for those adventurous spirits looking to scale new heights, a swing that brings joy with every breeze, a rope ladder that challenges climbers to reach higher, an adult pull-up bar for those seeking to strengthen their climbing muscles, and even a slide for a fun descent after the climb. It's the ultimate combination for play, exercise, and even tidying up your space with its sleek design.

  • Cargo Wall Climber
  • Swedish Ladder Swing
  • Rope Ladder
  • Adult Pull-Up Bar
  • Slide

But the Avenlur Neem Climber Wall Ladder is more than just fun and games. It's a tool for growth, challenging climbers of all ages to push their limits, enhance cognitive skills, and boost physical development. From motor planning to spatial awareness, it's a full-on adventure that nurtures both body and mind, fostering a sense of achievement with every climb, swing, and slide. Ready to elevate your space with style, fun, and fitness? The Avenlur Neem Swedish Climber Wall Ladder is your answer to bringing the climbing adventure indoors.


Weight: 68 LB

Size with Slide: 56.7" x 94.5" x 65.3"

Size without Slide: 56.7" x 94.5" x 25.7"

Suggested Age Range 3 Years - Adult
Max Weight Per Person 250 Lbs
Max Max Total Weight per Set 440 Lb

Assembly & FAQs

Neem Manual: CLICK HERE

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