Date - 4 in 1 Kitchen Tower, Desk, Step Stool and Chalkboard

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Introducing Date - 4 in 1 Kitchen Tower, Desk, Step Stool and Chalkboard Combo, Redefining Creativity and Functionality in Every Corner of Your Home! Crafted with love, innovation, and a patented design, The Date isn't just any step stool; it's a versatile chameleon in the furniture world, ready to adapt to you and your child's ever-changing needs. Envision a world where your little helper not only gains independence and self-confidence but also acquires a plethora of skills, all thanks to a multifunctional piece of furniture. That's The Date experience.

  1. Kitchen Tower
  2. Desk
  3. Step Stool
  4. Chalkboard

This magical piece effortlessly transitions from a step stool, elevating your child to the perfect height for kitchen activities or reaching the bathroom sink, to a versatile desk for all things fun and educational, such as coloring and crafting. But The Date's functionality doesn't end here; with a simple flip, it transforms into a chalkboard, inviting endless creativity or offering a unique learning experience. This chalkboard feature is integral, enhancing its use as a kitchen tower, desk, and even more, making it a central hub for creativity and learning in your home.

Parents, The Date has your interests at heart too! Not only is it a wonder for kids, transforming from a kitchen tower to a chalkboard, desk, and step stool, but it's also a parent's dream come true. Constructed from premium ¾ inch birch plywood, it adheres to all US safety regulations, ensuring it's as safe as it is robust. Equipped with side handles, a back-guard rail, and requiring no professional installation, it’s designed to keep your little ones secure. And, recognizing how quickly kids grow, The Date comes with a 10-year warranty, promising to grow alongside your family.

Welcome to the world of The Date, where fun meets function in the most delightful way, with its chalkboard feature playing a starring role in your home's creativity and functionality.


    Item Dimensions
    Date: (LxWxH): 18 x 15.7 x 36 inches.
    Suggested Age Range 2-6 Years
    Max Weight Per Child 55 Lb

    Assembly & FAQs

    Date Manual: click here

    Date Assembly Video: click here

    • Little Helper

      Countertop height for your little one to help you mix, bake and cook all his favorites.

    • Chalkboard

      It has a chalkboard for your kids to scribble or write down ingredients while helping out in the kitchen

    • Desk

      Our Kitchen Tower turns into a desk for kids to do homework and color

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