Spruce - Baby and Toddler Foldable Swing Set with Stand

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Watch a toddler in a swing, and you will see a gradual grin across their face. Their eyes will grow with wonder and amazement as their little bodies glide through the air. To parents, our foldable Spruce toddler swing set designed for babies 6-36 months is one of our most popular products. Swinging has tremendous physical, emotional, and neurological benefits. But to our smallest customers, this canvas bucket swing is the closest thing to flying and, for that reason alone, is worth the investment!

Learning Fun Disguised in a Toddler Swing Set

For many children, a playground isn’t a playground unless a swing is included. The effect of the back-and-forth motion that a swing provides can be soothing, invigorating, or a combination of both feelings. Yet, swinging offers more than a fun, mindless activity for toddlers. As they move their legs through the air in their toddler swing, their brains and tiny bodies are learning a tremendous amount. 

Swinging is a complicated movement requiring almost all five senses. Since a swing is always moving, it constantly changes the sensory stimulation for a toddler, such as wind, light, or sound. Time spent in a baby swing set will help develop your baby’s sensory system and sense of balance. This will enable your children to quickly adapt to various sensory stimulation, such as loud noises. It will also help them with any activity requiring balance, including walking.

Coming Soon! - Convert your Spruce swing set into a tent with our premium quality canvas. This additional accessory will be available in early October and needs to be purchased separately.

Warning - Avenlur advises parents to supervise children while playing. We urge parents to position a soft pad or rug underneath our foldable toddler swing seat to act as a cushion in case the child falls.

A well-made and foldable toddler swing, seat-nothing less from Avenlur

Our foldable swing set can easily be set up in your home and then tucked away when you need the added space. The Spruce is transportable and can be easily moved outside and used as an outdoor swing.  Then on a rainy day or in the colder winter months, it becomes an indoor swing, offering hours of unending fun in your home.  

The Spruce wooden swing seat is made from a high-quality canvas and equipped with a seat belt. The wood used in this toddler swing set is built using high-quality New Zealand pine, a heavy-duty, premium wood. Our indoor baby swings are attachable using wear-resistant ropes and have a weight limit of 55lbs. Like all Avenlur products, our foldable wooden swing seat does not require any professional assembly.

Our foldable toddler swing set has been tested and meets the safety standards set by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Information Act). The Spruce exceeds these organizations’ rigorous standards for safety and quality.

Like all of Avenlur’s products, the Spruce carries a 10-year warranty. If any portion of our wooden swing seat breaks in the first ten years of ownership because of a defect in material or quality, we’ll replace it free of charge.



    Avenlur's Spruce Indoor Baby Swing folds to compact size for space saving storage. You can move it around anywhere in your home.


    Safety of your child is our primary concern. That is why we ensure that there are no splinters or sharp edges that can hurt your little one


    Made of natural wood, our indoor self standing baby swing is not just a guilt free choice compared to flimsy plastic or non durable wooden toys but is also extremely strong, stable and aesthetically pleasing.

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We promise you our products will last, and just to make sure, if any product part breaks or fails during the first 10 years of ownership because of defect in material or workmanship, we will replace it free of charge.

  • Sustainable Materials

    All products are made of sustainable New Zealand Pine with natural-based lacquers, benefiting both your health, and the environment’s.

  • DCA Free

    All plastic components are clear of DCA, a compound that can negatively affect the function of liver and kidneys.

  • ASTM & CPSIA Certified

    Gyms, slides, and playgrounds are rigorously tested to standardize product functionality and certify safety.

  • Get Active Anywhere

    Whether you’re urban-dwelling or see snow 8 months out of the year, these playgrounds can fit indoors, no need for a backyard.

  • Thoughtfully Designed

    Clean, smart lines and natural-colored woods make Avenlur products fit seamlessly into the landscape of your home.