Magnolia - Real Wood 6-in-1 Playset

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The Magnolia, Real Wood 6-in-1 Playset is deal for toddlers and children. It's indoor fun for children of many ages. Montessori Inspired: Toddler climbing blocks allow little ones to develop important gross motor skills such as lifting, stacking, and carrying as they move and play at home, a...
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The Magnolia, Real Wood 6-in-1 Playset is deal for toddlers and children. It's indoor fun for children of many ages.

Montessori Inspired:

Toddler climbing blocks allow little ones to develop important gross motor skills such as lifting, stacking, and carrying as they move and play at home, at day-care, or in the classroom. It can also help your child develop other physical skills, muscle training, body strength, critical thinking and friendly relationships.

  • Included Activities - Mini Rock-Climbing Wall, Swedish Slide, Monkey Bars, Rope Ladder, Wood Ladder & Swing.
  • Made with High-quality materials - this set will last many years to come.
  • Easy Assembly - No professional installation required.

Made From High Quality, Sustainably Sourced Eco-Timber

  • Strong and Reliable materials and fastenings
  • Made of high-quality natural pine wood material- very strong and durable. The surface is coated with non-toxic BPA free varnish, which meets the use standard of children's products and protect children's health.
  • Combines safety, style, comfort, and fun; Great for all-year-round use

Warning - Parents must supervise children while playing. Recommend
placing a soft rug on floor underneath structure to cushion in the event child
falls during play.


Medium Size: 47" x 43" x 47"

Large Size: 58" x 47" x 56"


The Magnolia Real Wood Playset will help your child grow their body strength and improve their critical thinking, creativity and social skills.

Let them explore independently and burn off some of that energy! Let them develop the fun way and leave you feeling comfortable about their growth!


    Integrated Rock Climbing Wall, Rope Ladder and Cargo Climbing net for kids.


    Don't forget the fun wood slide to enhance the excitement.


    Swing from the Rope Ladder, or Wooden Swing. So many ways to play.

  • Sustainable Materials

    All products are made of sustainable New Zealand Pine with natural-based lacquers, benefiting both your health, and the environment’s.

  • ASTM & CPSIA Certified

    Gyms, slides, and playgrounds are rigorously tested to standardize product functionality and certify safety.

  • DCA Free

    All plastic components are clear of DCA, a compound that can negatively affect the function of liver and kidneys.

  • Get Active Anywhere

    Whether you’re urban-dwelling or see snow 8 months out of the year, these playgrounds can fit indoors, no need for a backyard.

  • Thoughtfully Designed

    Clean, smart lines and natural-colored woods make Avenlur products fit seamlessly into the landscape of your home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Perfect indoor jungle gym!

I absolutely love this play set. I work from home and wanted a space for my toddler to be able to play indoors during rainy and hot days. First, I accidentally placed two orders and Avenlur’s customer service was phenomenal and immediately corrected it for me. The product came very quickly. I was worried I was going to need to hire someone to build it for me but was actually able to assemble it myself in six hours. The directions were clear, the material was great quality, and I actually had a lot of fun putting it together. Finally, it looks beautiful in his playroom, doesn’t take up an obscene amount of space, and he loves playing in it. I could not be happier and neither could my toddler!

Aimee Esther
Super Easy to Put Together! (I don't know what the other reviews were talking about)

I loved this! It was so easy to put together. I don't know what those other reviews were talking about. It took us no time to put together, everything is well labeled. My kids love it.

My only complaint is that the price kept changing. It was 399 one day and the next I went to buy it and it was 450. I ended up paying the extra 50 because it was so close to Christmas. However, today i looked and it's back to 399! I'm bummed we didn't get the better price, but still love the gym.

Megan Gunter
Assembly is hard but value for cost is great

We love this thing, it’s so helpful in extra cold months with very few outside play days. Kiddo loves it.
Assembly is a two person job and the instruction manual is not the best. Be careful with orientation of the pieces because the manual will throw you off.
It took us about two days with lots of breaks to get it all together. When assembling be sure that you don’t leave even the smallest gaps because it will catch up with you.

Love it

We bought this for our 2-year-old who was climbing the drawers and anything else he could get to before we could stop him. We're so happy with it! Aside from the instructions not being very helpful (took my husband about 3 hours to assemble this using power tools), we're pretty happy with this purchase. We've had it for a week and our toddler has climbed it just about every way possible. He also mastered a high-up rope-climbing thing at our local playground within a week of crawling all over this thing, which we don't think is a coincidence. He loves the slide, too, even though he's a big 2-year-old. We were so disappointed with all the other underwhelming toddler climbers on the market 'til we discovered this gem on Amazon. Highly recommended!

Annette Bley
Good product and BAD instructions - See my comment for details

It's a very sturdy playground. Even I can climb it and it seems just fine (I weight 200 lbs). Overall, I'm very happy with it and the kids love it. If your kids love the swing like mine do, you'll always be removing the slide to make more room for swinging FYI.

Section B of the instructions are wrong. It shows you how to assemble one of the sides but has it backwards. The orientation it shows is the front, but the screws go on the back/under side. If you're looking at the instructions, the screws go on the OTHER side of what's represented. So if you're looking at the instructions trying to assemble it, simply flip it upside down and put the screws in on the correct side. This is important because you're drilling into the wood. If you make a mistake, you can't simply undo the hole you just drilled.

Good product. Take EXTRA care in assembly. Also, a power drill is VERY useful. Good luck!!