Magnolia Bundle - Large Climber, Tent, Mat and Sensory Swing

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Magnolia - Real Wood 7-in-1 Playset (Color)
Sensory Swing Attachment for our Climbers - Climbers Not Included (Color)

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Transform your children's play area into a magical wonderland with the Avenlur Indoor Magnolia Large Bundle. This carefully curated bundle is designed to ignite your little ones' imaginations and provide them with a world of adventure within the safety of your home. The bundle features the Avenlur Climber, Tent, Mat, and Sensory Swing – a combination that guarantees hours of joyful play, creativity, and physical activity.

Bundle Components:

  1. Avenlur Climber:

    • Secure Climbing Excitement: The Avenlur Climber is crafted with children's safety as the top priority, offering a secure and colorful climbing experience. Watch as your little ones climb, balance, and explore new heights, all within the confines of their indoor play space.
    • Promotes Physical Development: Encourage active play and physical development as your children engage in the adventurous world of climbing. The Avenlur Climber is designed to stimulate their motor skills and provide a dynamic outlet for energy.
  2. Tent:

    • Imaginative Play Space: The Tent in this bundle creates a cozy and private retreat for your children's imaginative play. Whether it's a secret hideout, a reading nook, or a pretend campsite, the tent adds an exciting dimension to their playtime adventures.
    • Easy Setup and Storage: The tent is designed for hassle-free setup and can be conveniently stored when not in use, allowing you to create magical play moments whenever inspiration strikes.
  3. Mat:

    • Soft and Comfortable Play Surface: The Mat complements the play area by providing a soft and comfortable surface for various activities. Whether your little ones are playing with toys, reading, or simply lounging, the mat enhances their play experience.
    • Easy to Clean: Designed for practicality, the mat is easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic and inviting play space for your children.
  4. Sensory Swing:

    • Gentle Swinging Adventures: The Sensory Swing adds an enchanting touch to the bundle, providing a sensory-rich experience that combines relaxation and imaginative play. The gentle swinging motion offers a soothing retreat for children, promoting sensory exploration.
    • Indoor Tranquility: Crafted with safety and durability in mind, the Sensory Swing is suitable for indoor use, creating moments of calm and tranquility within the cozy confines of your home.

Bring the Avenlur Indoor Magnolia Large Bundle into your home and witness the magical world it creates for your children's playtime. From climbing to imaginative play, this bundle is designed to foster joy, creativity, and cherished memories.


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