The Advantages of Seesaws & Rockers for your Children

Swings, slides, monkey bars, and seesaws are the classic elements of every playground. Whether your child enjoys playing on the seesaw briefly or is entirely captivated by the apparatus and spends all their time on it, it can be a tremendous learning tool. At Avenlur, we feature our indoor/outdoor seesaw and variations of the rocker, which offer a similar motion to the former. Read on to learn more about their benefits.

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What are seesaws and rockers?

A seesaw is a long, narrow wooden or plastic board affixed in the middle to a solid, stationary support. A seesaw is typically a two-child play toy. One child sits on either end of the seesaw. Together they teeter up and down by pushing down on the ground with their feet. When one end comes down, the other end of the seesaw goes up.

A rocker is a climbing arch and rocker all in one. It can be used from both sides. On one side is a wooden climbing arch designed to improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination. But when turned upside down, it becomes an arched seesaw providing a soothing motion and an easy way to relax. 

Why do kids like the rocking motion?

There is perhaps no greater soothing feeling than being rocked back and forth. Just ask the parents of colicky or fussy babies; their activity of choice to calm their child is to rock them.

Psychologically speaking, we are fulfilling a child’s social and emotional needs by rocking them. Studies have shown that the swinging motion produces a feeling in the brain that reinforces our body’s natural sleep rhythms.

The effects of this feeling go beyond the early years. Children are attracted to seesaws and rockers because they sway back and forth.

The rocking motion establishes a healthy heart rate, and it’s also been found to be excellent for good blood circulation. In fact, research has indicated that rocking can also help warm a cold child.

What are the benefits of seesaws and rockers?

Have you ever noticed that when you head to a playground, the first piece of equipment your children run to are the seesaws? It might look like one of the simplest pieces of equipment on the playground, offering only a few minutes of fun. Yet seesaws have tremendous benefits, including helping develop cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and motor skills. 

1. Seesaws and rockers offer physical benefits.

A seesaw can offer a great strength-training workout.  Whenever a child pushes off the ground and lifts someone up, they use their legs, core muscles, and glutes.

Conversely, when a child lands back down on the seesaw, they use these same muscles to cushion the drop and to avoid hitting the ground at full force.

Though a rocker is a smaller toy, it also relies on the strength of a child’s legs, glutes, and core muscles to move it back and forth. If your little one wants to slow the movement of the rocker, they can either wait for it to dissipate naturally or use their muscles in conjunction with the device to slow it.

Kids can improve their balance using both apparatuses. If both kids on the seesaw are similar in weight, they can achieve equilibrium or float mid-air. This takes tremendous coordination and fine motor skills to remain still and balanced.

Seesaws and rockers are a fantastic way for kids to burn off calories. Moving up and down on a seesaw or back and forth on a rocker demands a lot of effort to stay in motion.

Additionally, being physically fit provides tremendous benefits to the immune system. Playing on the rocker or seesaw can help their immune system function properly and keep their overall physical health in check. 

2. Seesaws and rockers improve social skills.

Playing on a seesaw is not a solitary activity. Communication and cooperation are two social skills that are essential to enjoy this apparatus. Children have a tremendous opportunity to meet others older or younger and from different cultural backgrounds. They get to talk with them as they fly through the air. They must decide who will ‘push off’ first and what rules to apply during the activity.

Cooperation is equally critical as they take turns on the apparatus. This can help them feel better about themselves and the world around them. 

Seesaws and rockers can also increase a child’s self-confidence level. 

These apparatus might seem a bit intimidating at first, especially the seesaw. However, overcoming their fears and learning to ride can help them face more significant fears with less trepidation. 

3. Rockers and seesaws offer an emotional benefit.

When playing on a rocker or seesaw, your child can feel a rainbow of emotions. The emotion of joy arises when they lift someone up on the seesaw. This action can boost their self-esteem. Yet, when they can’t lift themselves or others off the ground, or the rocker isn’t swaying, this may make them sad or frustrated. They may wonder why they were unable to do so. Yet that might propel them to discover different ways to get the desired outcome.

Therefore, playing on a rocker or seesaw helps them with their emotional skills. Children are learning to cope with different emotions while trying to control themselves in the presence of others. 

How can I choose the right rocker or seesaw for my child?

1. Safety

First and foremost, consider safety when purchasing a seesaw or rocker. Regarding the former, you want to consider the age and height of your children. A seesaw that is suitable for kids is not necessarily one you’d purchase for a toddler.

This is because toddlers are beginning to develop their muscle coordination and balance. It’s essential to choose a toddler seesaw that will not suddenly plunge them to the ground should the child on the other side get off. A seesaw like Avenlur’s Willow sits low enough to the ground that if someone should get off quickly, this poses minimal risk to the other participant. 

2. Quality of materials

It’s essential to consider the quality of the materials used to construct the seesaw or rocker and their level of toxicity. Avenlur’s seesaw and its range of rockers are made from 100% birch wood. Each product is sanded to provide smooth surfaces and is finished using beeswax and environmentally friendly paint.

Additionally, you want to ensure the product comes with a warranty. For instance, all of Avenlur’s products come with a 10-year warranty which covers any faulty parts or damaged surfaces.

3. Aesthetic design

Consider the style when selecting the correct rocker or seesaw for your playground if you want a sleek design with neutral colors. Avenlur has several different rockers that meet that description. Conversely, if you’re searching for something more vibrant and with a splash of color, many different seesaws and rockers on the market will suit your needs.      

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What may look like a simple playground toy can benefit your children and others tremendously. Rockers and seesaws have been around for centuries, and their popularity hasn’t diminished. We proudly sell both quality and craftsmanship. What may look like a simple playground toy can benefit your children and others tremendously. Contact us today.

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