Guide to Why Wooden Table and Chair Sets Are Great for Kids

It may seem your children are constantly attached to you, whether they want to be carried around the house or clinging to your legs while you’re trying to move.

Yet the truth is kids sometimes can benefit from having their own space. This is evident in how they play. Have you ever noticed how kids can transform a sofa or dining room table and chairs into a fort and a space they own in the blink of an eye?

Now imagine what they could do if they had their child-sized dining table: reading, writing, independent eating, and socializing. The benefits are numerous.

 At Avenlur, we offer well-made wooden table sets for children of sustainable bamboo and New Zealand pine. Consider offering your children a seat at a smaller table! What are you waiting for?

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What is Montessori furniture?

You may be thinking, “I didn’t even know there was Montessori furniture?” To be clear, there is no official Montessori certification for home furnishings. This type of home furnishing refers to any furniture that adheres to the guidelines established by the Montessori Method.

First and foremost, Montessori furniture should be simple for children to utilize. A child-sized table and chairs are easier to use than traditional ones. A Montessori table is positioned at the correct height for small people. The chairs are easy to push in and out but are solidly built.

Secondly, Montessori furniture is designed to give your child a sense of control and empowerment. Avenlur’s table and chair sets have been created to make the tasks your child undertakes relatively easy.  The focus is on writing or drawing, and the furniture used in the process is designed to support the process, not overtake it.

Thirdly, Montessori furniture is simple in design featuring smooth surfaces, neutral colors, and none of the busy accessories you see with other furnishings. Natural woods, such as sustainable New Zealand pine or bamboo, are perfect examples.

What are the benefits of wooden furniture for kids?

Life can be complex and challenging for kids as they learn to do daily activities themselves. Nothing seems to fit, from the dining room chair being too high to their dinner plate being too far away. What might look like a smaller version of your family table and chairs is much more. That’s where a child-sized table and chair can come in handy. This piece of furniture is critical to their social and emotional development into independent adults.

1. Wooden furniture fosters a child’s creativity.

If your child is in their first few months of school or has just begun to hold a pencil to paper, there is no better space to spend their time imagining or drawing than at a child-sized table. When sitting in a space specifically designed for their size, they’ll be more likely to draw, scribble, doodle, and imagine their way to fun. Purchasing a kid’s table that is height and size appropriate will put them at tremendous ease.

2. A child-sized table teaches manners and social skills.

Children can learn practical life skills using their small table for meals. They can set and clear it before and after the meal.

They can also take mealtime to practice their conversation skills with fellow small dinners.

Plus, if they’re sharing their small table with siblings, they can practice their table manners, including not talking with their mouths full. 

3. A wooden table promotes independence.

A child-safe table and chair set encourage independence by being able to sit on and get off the furniture instead of constantly requiring an adult to help them sit in their high chair for family meal times. They can decide when to eat, work, or play when they've got solid wood furniture relative to their size. 

4. Permits quiet time

Whether you use it as a picnic table, work table, or activity table, having a designated kids' table can be used for various activities. It can be used for doing arts and crafts, watching their tablet, practicing their writing skills, or simply chatting with their sibling. In the meantime, you, the parent, can use the family table for your independent activities, including reading and doing computer work.

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Why is a wooden table and chair set better than a plastic one?

One of the most significant advantages of wooden furniture is that it’s durable and sturdy compared to its plastic counterparts. Wooden tables are built to last longer, so you won’t have to replace them as often. At Avenlur, our table and chair sets are made of either bamboo or sustainable New Zealand pine. 

Wooden furniture, such as a table and chairs, usually provides a safe environment in which children can play. Our wooden tables and chairs won’t topple as easily as plastic ones. Additionally, ours don’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins, often found in plastic tables and chairs.

Our chairs are more eco-friendly than plastic. Ours are made from renewable sources and are biodegradable. Solid wood furniture is less likely to end up in landfill and contribute to global warming and other environmental issues. 

How do I choose the right table and chairs for my child?

While your home may be full of luxurious furniture, these items are often not practical for your child’s use. A comfortable chair for a parent might leave your child’s legs dangling and be uncomfortable for them. That’s why making the proper selection is crucial to your child's comfort. 

1. Select a child’s table and chairs according to their age and size.

First and foremost, consider the age and size of your children when selecting solid wood furniture like a table and chair set.  Kids aged two or younger usually need a table about 16 inches high to be comfortable when standing. Typically kids over two years old can handle a table 20-24 inches tall. A set like the Adrian is perfect for kids because the height of the legs is adjustable. It can grow with your child. 

Additionally, children who have started to write do best when sitting at a table with their feet flat on the ground, just like an adult would do at a desk. So make sure your kid’s feet aren’t dangling when seated and that there is plenty of leg room between the table and chair.

2. Opt for solid wood furniture that is sturdy and safe.

Regardless of how your children use their wood tables and chairs, what is most important is that it’s safe to use. Plenty of kids’ table and chair sets on the market look cute but are flimsy and break easily. Or there are other sets where the chairs are too heavy for the child to move.

Avenlur’s table and chair sets are made of sturdy materials yet are easily maneuvered by a child. Our chairs are built with safety in mind. They won’t topple easily while a kid is seated or if a toddler grabs the back of the chair.

3. Choose a kids’ table that is aesthetically pleasing and will function well in your home.

If your home is full of bright colors and patterns, then a kid's table and chairs with the same design aesthetic is a perfect choice. However, other families have a very neutral approach to design. They want their furniture to adhere to a low-impact color scheme, including their kid’s table and chairs. That’s why a neutral-colored table and chairs with a smooth surface are so appealing. It has a clean, modern look of unpainted wood and fits almost any decorating scheme.

A seat at a smaller table

Whether you purchase a child-sized table or wait until your children are a bit bigger, you have choices. Avenlur offers several wooden tables and chair styles. This will provide a foundation for your child to enjoy playtime. Let Avenlur be a part of a memorable childhood.

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